Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go Wildcats!!!

October Fun!

Octoberfest (at Lake Pahoja), Carving Pumpkins and Fishing! What more could you ask for?

End of the Soccer Season

Well, Fall Soccer is officially over (yeah!) Benjamin played for the first time on the "Eagles" team. It was a flashback to Draya's first soccer season... his shyness definitely shone through. However, by the end of the season he was running and even kicking the ball (sometimes!) Andraya definitely won the "Most Improved" award. It helped that she had Uncle Jeremy as her "Go-Getters" coach encouraging her and giving her some good pointers. I couldn't believe this was the same little girl who I could barely get to run at her first few games (aka - Hope for Benjamin!) She ended the season by having 2 break-away goals at her last game! She (and I) were so proud!!!