Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ryan's 1st Haircut

Well, after 2 1/2 years and a head full of "goldy locks," Ryan finally got his first haircut. I had postponed this for about 3 months (I had an appointment scheduled for February 10th), so I figured with summer right around the corner, it was about time! It helped that Aunt Jamee cuts our hair!!!! He was SO good and sat SO still! And he was SO PROUD when it was all done!

Andraya's Piano Recital

Andraya did an AWESOME job at her first piano recital. It was held on Sunday, May 23rd, at the Seeds of Faith Church in Lester. She played 2 songs, Tub Time and Octave Blues.

Visiting Grandpa Randy's Gazebo

After Andraya's piano recital on Sunday (23rd), which was in Lester, we decided to head over to Alvord to show the kids the gazebo which was built in memory of my dad, Randy Childress. Being back in Alvord that day and the night before (for a benefit) brought back many wonderful (and sad) memories from growing up there (on a farm 2 1/2 miles out) with my dad as well as a very good friend, Jami! I was so glad to finally show the kids this wonderful memorial that my uncle Rick built after Dad died.

Cousins & Best Friends

I'm so glad all the kids have cousins the same age who they can grow up with and be best friends with! Andraya and Randi (Jeremy's) are only 4 months apart, and Benjamin and Bryson (also Jeremy's) are only 6 weeks apart!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Benjamin's DINOmite 4th Birthday!

Benjamin had a great 4th birthday! He started off the day riding in the tractor with Daddy and looking for worms with Ashlee at their new orchard site. Later that day, we went fishing at Lake Pahoja (Ben was the only one who caught a fish) and played at the "park" at the Lake. It was a great day!
We had a party for Benjamin with the Bahnsons and Childress' on Sunday (May 2nd). We played baseball, ate supper, opened presents, and had dinosaur cake with icecream! It was an awesome day!