Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Camping & Fishing for Benjamin's Birthday

On May 10th, we went out to Lake Pahoja with the Bahnsons to celebrate Ben's birthday. It was a BEAUTIFUL day to be out at the lake. We had fun grilling, playing in the sandbox, playing with balls (Ben got a new soccer ball, basketball, football, a pack of tennis balls and a new soccer net from all the Bahnsons), and later going fishing! Daddy is turning Andraya and Benjamin into quite the little fisher"men." I'm anxious for the day when they all want to go out to the lake to fish with dad and leave mom home alone...whatever will I do with my time???
Happy 3rd Birthday Benjamin Damon Bahnson!!!

Benny's 3rd Birthday

Benjamin had a fun birthday! He got to go bowling with the Childress' on May 3rd. We got the bowling alley to ourselves, and the kids had a blast! We then went back to Grandpa Dan's and Grandma Cindy's for supper, cake & presents! Grandma Cindy made an awesome fish cake for Daddy's little fisherman!
The next day, Benny and Mom went to SF for his special "birthday day." We went to Wacky Bear (Ben made a stuffed pig, Wilbur), Applebee's, and Chuck E Cheese's to play some games. He also got to pick out a new bike (which we'll learn to ride this summer!)

Hard to believe 3 years have already gone by with our little Benny! Time sure flies when you have kids and they're making life busy and FUN!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My kids


Planting season has begun! We get to see Seth some - mostly when we bring out his supper! He didn't get started as early as he would have liked this year b/c of the cold and rain, but he sure is going strong now! At least he shouldn't have to "replant" at all this year!

Here he is w/ the kids - checking the seed!
And... thank goodness for GPS!!! With all of Seth's new technology in the tractor/planter, the boys probably could go out and plant the fields for him!!! (Of course the time for that isn't too far off!!!!)

Soccer Season

Another soccer season is under-way! We weren't sure if Andraya would want to play soccer again this spring, but she said YES! You can tell that she's grown from last season because we've had 4 games and she is running AND kicking the ball!!!! We are so proud of her! It's so much fun to see her having fun with it - of course it helps that cousins Kennedy and Randi are on her team again this season!