Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fishing with Hennen

Seth's best buddy from college & his son (Jeremy & Brexton Hennen) came to spend the day with us on Saturday, September 5th! Seth and Jeremy took the 3 kids (no Ryan - he had to nap) out on the boat on Pahoja to do some fishing.... The kids had a blast (they caught so many fish that the kids actually got tired of reeling them in!!!!!)

House - September 09

More and more is being done to make this house feel like our home that we've been planning for so long! Shingles on, arches started in the dining room, window seats put into the kids' bedrooms, upstairs steps built.... It's so fun to see all the progress (especially now that so much is happening on the inside!)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Andraya's First Day of Kindergarten

Andraya had her first day of Kindergarten on August 26th. She was so excited!!! Of course she loved every minute of it (and continues to love it every day she goes!) It's fun for Mom having her right down the hallway where I can sneak peeks and give smiles during the day! She also started piano lessons that same day and seems to really enjoy them as well! AND... 3rd Soccer season is a charmer! Draya scored her first soccer goal last Saturday (August 29th) and was SO HAPPY!!!!
Also, I suppose we should get used to being first for everything with this "Ba" last name.... Andraya got to be the first one in her class to bring treats and to have the "Sharing Bag." She decided to bring Mia (her American Girl Doll), and of course they had to dress alike!!! And next week we're the first ones to have the "Word of the Week." (She has to learn the word AUTHOR and explain it to her class!!!!) Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!!