Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Memories - 2010

Ryan's 3rd Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my baby, Ryan Randal! Hard to believe he's getting so old and big! I'm sure you can tell by all the pictures what his birthday "theme" was.... Ryan absolutely LOVES Toy Story and has acquired (though the last couple birthdays and Christmases) many of the Toy Story characters!

State Football

We had a blast driving down to Cedar Falls two weekends in a row for the Class 1A State Football Championships. West Lyon ended up beating Dike - New Hartford 42-0 for the Championship! The kids had a great time dressing up and cheering on the Wildcats (and Uncle Jeremy & Uncle Koury) with all their cousins!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go Wildcats!!!

October Fun!

Octoberfest (at Lake Pahoja), Carving Pumpkins and Fishing! What more could you ask for?

End of the Soccer Season

Well, Fall Soccer is officially over (yeah!) Benjamin played for the first time on the "Eagles" team. It was a flashback to Draya's first soccer season... his shyness definitely shone through. However, by the end of the season he was running and even kicking the ball (sometimes!) Andraya definitely won the "Most Improved" award. It helped that she had Uncle Jeremy as her "Go-Getters" coach encouraging her and giving her some good pointers. I couldn't believe this was the same little girl who I could barely get to run at her first few games (aka - Hope for Benjamin!) She ended the season by having 2 break-away goals at her last game! She (and I) were so proud!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Conquering the Corn Maze

We see it just about everytime we go up to Sioux Falls but have never stopped. So... we finally visited the Heartland Corn Maze thinking it would be fun for them to see (especially since corn fields play such a huge part of our lives). They had a great time trying to find their way through. Andraya is a lot like her mother - taking the lead and just trying to find the way out (why waste time???), so she was frustrated everytime we had to stop to wait for the boys who were checking out every bug, every ear of corn, and picking up every old cob of corn on the ground (can you say Seth much????) Anyway, we finally found out way out (not much help to the map - you can't follow it much when the kids just want to go their own way all the time!) As much fun as it was, we decided we might wait a few year until the kids are a little older before we go back!!!

First Days of School

Hard to believe that another school year has begun (and even harder to believe that my babies are getting so big and old!) Miss Andraya is in 1st grade this year. She loves both of her new teachers (there's a student teacher in her class). Benjamin is in preschool and is so excited that he gets to ride with Mom to school in the mornings.